Why Waldorf Works: In a Nutshell

The Waldorf Approach: In a Nutshell

“We must still make the lifeless things live through imagination and always connect them with real life. It is possible to connect all the phenomena of physics with real life, but we ourselves must have imagination in order to do it ”
(Rudolf Steiner, 1921)

While it’s difficult to boil a sophisticated learning method down to just a few points, the essence of Waldorf can be thought of as follows:



An emphasis on engaging creativity in problem solving enhances a child’s ability to think independently and critically. The use of art and creative play across the spectrum of subject areas brings out a child’s imagination and the joy of learning.


Emotional Intelligence

Success in life, whether professional or personal, favours those who possess a high ‘EQ’. Waldorf Academy’s approach is designed to enhance a child’s sense of connection to the world and to grow spiritually. Gaining insight into the human condition and respect for nature help our students mature with compassion, empathy and grace.


Resilience & Perseverance

At Waldorf Academy we stress hands-on, experiential, inquiry-based learning that carries with it the ability to take risks, reach beyond our comfort zones and test our mettle. We work with a child’s natural tendencies to encourage their curiosity and figure out answers their own way. Sometimes they fail the first time, but then they learn how to get back up and see it through.


Intellectual Development

Our interdisciplinary approach to mastering subject areas across the academic spectrum encourages children to make connections and deepen learning. Our goal is to not simply teach a curriculum, but to make the curriculum meaningful and inspire a lifelong love of learning.


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