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Bursaries Available for Grade two 2019

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SK & Grade Two  2019/20

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Upcoming Community Events: Kindermorning March 2, Grade 8 Projects March 5-7, Open House April 13, Summer Camp

Waldorf Academy has over 31 years experience educating young minds from Pre-K to Grade 8. We offer a learning environment that is stimulating, nurturing, and creative. Our proven alternative education model prepares children for the challenges ahead.

Our Childcare Centre is comfortable and home-like, providing a safe and happy learning environment for Pre-K children. Our Kindergarten, Lower School and Middle School programs are focused on each stage of a child’s development in these important years.

We are a Waldorf school, which means we are part of a growing network of nearly 2,500 schools around the world that deliver the renowned Waldorf education model.

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“There is a high degree of congruence between what the world demands of people, and what Waldorf schools develop in their pupils, placing a high value on creatively and productively applying knowledge to new realms. This enables “deep learning” that goes beyond studying for the next test.”

Andreas Schleicher, international coordinator of PISA studies.