What is Waldorf?

What is Waldorf?

unnamedThose who invent rather than follow convention increasingly shape the 21st century. The Waldorf approach is ideally suited to this world. Our goal is to engage young minds in the wonder of learning. Our students not only learn the core curriculum, but their curiosity and creativity are unleashed as they develop confidence in their own unique abilities.

We’ve been around a long time – since 1919 in fact – but as the needs of our students evolve, so does our approach. No matter how we grow, there are core principles and values that are eternal. Chief among them is our abiding respect for each child that comes into our community and our belief that it is our job, in partnership with parents, to help them become fully and confidently themselves. Our environment is imbued with opportunities to connect with the world and with each other to enliven the senses and build empathy.

Aligned with the developmental stages of children at these ages, Waldorf applies pedagogical methods that are uniquely effective in bringing out each student’s full capacity.

Our teachers are highly skilled and continuously engaged in advancing their training in the Waldorf method. The Waldorf approach ensures that the student/teacher relationship is consistent so that students are known by their teachers as the special individuals they are.

By the time their experience with Waldorf Academy ends, students are well prepared to go into the next phase of their journey having built a powerful academic foundation and the confidence to go with it.

How to recognize a Waldorf graduate? Look for individuals whose thoughtful intelligence, creativity, originality and compassion make them leaders in any environment.

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