Consistently, my strongest university students have been the products of Waldorf educations, or schools that practice Waldorf principles… I have taught at high schools, community colleges and universities for twenty-five years. My colleagues and I have noticed a tremendous shift in the abilities of our students over the past decade. Our university students can’t remember anything, can’t follow simple instructions, can’t read deeply (they skim), have read very little and are intellectually immature. This is true even of the specially selected Honours students I teach in an elite program.

My own son was miserable at his public junior kindergarten because they were making him sit at desks and in front of computers all the time and he needed to move, play, do, learn the way a four-year-old learns. He hated the alphabet, hated numbers and counted the minutes until I picked him up, crying, “Mommy, why did you take so long?” every day.

Since attending Waldorf Academy, he is a different child: adding numbers in his head, writing words, weaving, embroidering pictures, memorizing complex stories and making up songs, all on his own initiative and all with joy. His teachers are extraordinarily wise and caring and supportive of his unique and lively spirit.

He can’t wait to leave every morning and when I pick him up, he says, “Why did you have to come so soon?”

– Jennifer Duncan, Faculty at York University and Waldorf Academy Parent 


Insider Reviews and Perspectives

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It’s a Family Thing

“This school is not just a school for me, it’s my family.”

“I spent 12 amazing years at the best place in the world to grow up, and I’ll always be able to come back and say hello to the place that has been my second home my whole life so far.”
Olivia, Gr. 8 Student

“The biggest lesson I have learned is how to put up with seven girls and eventually to like them like a family of sisters. I now have two families: a family of brothers and a Waldorf Academy family of sisters.”
Samuel, Gr. 8 Student

“This place is like a second home to me and though I am very excited to be attending Greenwood College School next year, I am going to miss this school and my teachers more than anyone could ever comprehend.“
Laura, Gr. 8 Student

“This school is not just a school for me, it’s my family.”
Theo, Gr. 8 Student


Why Waldorf Works for These Parents:

“There is no school like it and it completely stands apart from other private schools. Waldorf philosophy is child-centred. Children learn what is appropriate for their developmental stage, and most importantly, for early years and kindergarten, learning comes from the magical nature-filled world around them, incl. festivals such as the winter fair, maypole festival and lantern walk are filled with majestic storytelling, songs, tradition and twinkly lights. The birthday celebration makes the children feel so special and loved that it has brought tears to my eyes. The classrooms are warm and welcoming (like a cozy home) — a stark contrast from the fluorescent light, bold colours and clutter of other places. Children feel safe, secure, and are encouraged to play and explore. It is genuinely an unforgettable experience to be a Waldorf parent and to join this community. It reminds you of what the childhood and learning journey is all about, including important developmental skills and lessons (that don’t involve technology early on) and how much we’ve forgotten/ignored in our modern day.”

Kaili C, Waldorf Academy Parent


“In grade three, math really kicks in, though I bet most parents cannot follow along to the hopping, skipping, times table repeating song — again, an example of the sheer genius of combining play, movement, coordination, repetition, all leading to mathematical concepts and comprehension.”

Katharine Gordon, Waldorf Academy Parent


“Giving our daughter a Waldorf education from JK to grade eight was the best decision we could have made as parents and the results have exceeded anything we could have imagined.”

John Haslett Cuff, Journalist/Filmmaker, Waldorf Academy Parent


“Not only is my child receiving an excellent education, she is also surrounded by amazing teachers who care about her social development, her physical health, and her character.”

Glenda MacFarlane, Waldorf Academy Parent


“When I was pregnant with our first baby, my husband and I were in psychotherapy training. We were learning in detail about how the early childhood years have a life-long impact on children, and the adults they become. We learned about how a negative environment can stunt children’s emotional and spiritual growth, and how a positive environment can support a child to feel more joy and inner freedom, and give the gifts they were born to give. As a student of naturopathic medicine, I’d also learned how physical activity and time in nature have a huge positive impact on kids’ physical and emotional health.

My husband and I had both suffered in school systems that prioritized academic learning (head knowledge). What we wanted for our children was a place where they would be seen as people, unique, and not just an empty jar to pour information into. We wanted them to be surrounded by and invited toward, creativity and wisdom. I’d met a number of Waldorf grads throughout my life, and I couldn’t help noticing that they had a different quality of being than most other people. They stood out as being exceptionally warm, passionate, able to connect, and able to make a difference in the world.

When my husband and I learned more about the Waldorf Academy education, it seemed like a great fit with our parenting values, and we’ve been very happy to be part of this exceptional community.

Rebekah Blok , Waldorf Academy Parent


“Two of my children have graduated from the toddler program up into the pre-school program and each and every step of the way they were supported and nurtured by truly the most caring and committed teachers we could ever have hoped to have. Every morning, I felt so good dropping them off at a place in which I knew they were so obviously well cared for. I am truly grateful for the opportunities they were given at Waldorf, to thrive and to grow in such a special place. ”

Kaleigh Starritt, Waldorf Academy Parent


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