Middle School

Middle School

Grades 6-8

The Grade 6 student has reached the beginning of a turbulent time: the onset of physical and hormonal changes that mark this period. It is a time of enormous intellectual and emotional growth.

Waldorf Academy curriculum is sensitive to the age-related challenges, and dovetails with the children’s interests and curiosity. History, science, physics, math, foreign languages, music, art, movement, and outdoor education programs are all designed to be exciting and relatable for students at this life stage.

By Grade 7, students are forceful, expressive and intent on challenging conventional wisdom. This is a time of assertion and independence as the child moves toward their vision of themselves as adults. What better time to study the Renaissance, a powerful period when independent thinkers sought to make reason the basis for truth? Students at this age can relate to the stories, characters and mood of this time.

Grade 8 students are preparing to transition into a new phase of their lives: High School.  It is a time of great change that will include adjusting to new, and often more conventional school environments. Students must be ready, secure in themselves, and comfortable with their place in the world so that they can tackle this next challenge with enthusiasm. The Waldorf Academy curriculum, while academically rigorous, never loses sight of fostering individual growth and confidence.


What do our students hope to do when they graduate? Read about the Class of 2021’s Gr 8 Projects (some potential careers and ventures here) and featured graduates on our school’s Instagram.

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