Grade 8 Projects – From Photography and Sound Production to Canoes – Come cheer on the grade 8 capstone presentations

Since Fall 2020, the Grade 8 students have been independently researching an interest or passion.  Over two evenings this March, their explorations will culminate in presentations they make to our school community:  Tuesday, March 2nd and Wednesday, March 3rd!

These projects are a rite of passage and fixture in the grade eight year at Waldorf Academy.

How it works:

Cole Harris, Grade 8

Cole, eighth grade, will present: JDM, the Japanese Domestic Market for fast cars

  • 8 eighth grade students
  • 2 evenings of presentations
  • 4 presentations per evening
  • 30 minutes each
  • topics ranging from Social Media, Video Games to the Japanese Domestic Market for car enthusiasts!
  • Q/A session for interactive discussion following each talk

*Tuesday Mar 2nd & Wednesday Mar 3rd at 6:30 pm

Attend one, or both, nights and support our Grade 8 students!




Join us for Grade 8 Project Presentations & Q/A

For the first time ever at Waldorf Academy, our Gr. 8 Projects will be presented online.

This unprecedented year has given the students a unique opportunity to engage with our community in a completely new way.

Tuesday Mar 2nd & Wednesday Mar 3rd at 6:30 pm
Register to attend (either one evening, or both)

  • There will be four presentations per evening.  Students will present for 30 minutes each, with opportunity for audience interaction during a Q/A at end of each presentation. Bring your active listening skills and questions for our experts!
  • Leading up to our presentations, a zoom link will be sent out through our community mailing lists prior to March 2nd.  If you are interested in attending, please contact us.

Are you following us on Instagram? Watch for videos introducing each of our students, and their chosen topics, over the next two weeks …

Deep Gratitude for our Student Mentors

An essential part of the project process is working with a mentor.

As students enter adolescence, they need to learn from adults who are specialists in their field, and who have mastery over their subject. This inspires students’ developing their capacities to think, reason, and judge – it inspires their connection to, and interest in the world.

The student-mentor relationship can look as different as the topics the students pursue, but the one criterion is that it offers something that the students would not have access to on their own.

We as a community are always so grateful for those who offer their time to mentor a student for their grade 8 project.  If you are considering becoming a mentor, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’ll be thrilled to share more information to help with your decision!


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