Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

We believe that Waldorf education should be accessible to those families who seek it. Within our budget resources we do our best to provide assistance to as many families as we can. Families who are accepted into our school can apply for Tuition Assistance based on financial circumstances. Tuition Assistance is available from junior kindergarten and up.

  • A maximum of 50% can be offered in the kindergarten and grade school but is based on the number of applicants and our budget.
  • Tuition Assistance is not available for the childcare programs.
  • Tuition Assistance applications to Apple Financial can be processed now for the 2021/22 academic year. Please phone Apple directly if you have questions about any item on the application form. Note that renewal contracts and deposits are still due back at school by the required deadline.
  • To discuss special considerations, or simply learn more, please contact Admissions .


How do I know if I should apply? (and our Globe and Mail interview)

“It can be just a few thousand dollars, if that’s going to help your family, there’s that flexibility.”
– Jennifer Deathe, Admissions Manager

There’s a common perception that only families who need assistance for the full tuition amount should apply.  Jennifer Deathe, our Admissions Manager clarifies in her recent interview with the Globe and Mail: “I think for the most part people feel like they have to really be unable to afford it in order to apply. It doesn’t have to be the full amount.”

Read The Globe article here: “Financial assistance paves the way for private school attendance” (Oct 1, 2021)


Online Application Process for Tuition Assistance

If you have completed the following:  Submit an Application; Complete Admissions Interview and Signed your Enrolment Contract, keep reading for next steps to determine your eligibility for tuition assistance.

Please be advised that the information below details steps in the application process for Tuition Assistance, not consideration for Enrolment.


  1. Create a Parent Account Registration where you will be asked to provide your email address.
  2. A verification message stating, “account set up” will be sent to the email address you provide.
  3. Once this verification message is received you will be able to open the online registration form, which quite closely follows the format of last year’s form in terms of information requested.
  4. At the end of the process, requests will appear for the uploading of tax information, such as your T4, current year’s pay statements, etc. (If you have difficulty uploading this information, you can mark the information “to be mailed in.”
  5. Once all your information is uploaded the payment section will appear where you can pay the application fee by credit card or debit.
  6. A financial analysis, followed by a recommendation, is sent from Apple Financial to the Business Operations Manager at Waldorf Academy.
  7. The Business Operations Manager views the recommendations and all details are kept confidential.  In consultation with the Admissions Manager, the amounts are finalized within the context of the policy and the strategic enrollment plan.
  8. The Admissions Manager communicates the amount available to the applicant. The deadline for acceptance of the offer is two weeks.

If you would like a pdf version of Apple’s Frequently Asked Questions document, you can obtain one once you have logged in to their website. There is an option to download the form there.