Withdrawals & Admissions Policy

Probationary Contracts

  1. During the application procedure, parents/guardians are required to present all relevant information about their child which might affect his/her academic and social experience at Waldorf Academy including copies of all psychological reports and learning assessments. If a student is accepted and then displays behavioural and/or developmental challenges which were known but not disclosed at the time of application, Waldorf Academy reserves the right to dismiss the student from the school.
  2. In the event there is a breach of a policy of Waldorf Academy including, but not limited to, the Accounts Arrears and the student obligations found in the Family Handbook, the student may be dismissed at the School’s sole discretion.


The Withdrawal/Dismissal Policy allows for the following exceptions:

  1. There is a minimum probationary period for all new students: six weeks for kindergarten, lower and middle school. This probationary period may be extended in writing at the discretion of the teachers, education support and the admissions manager. In the event that a student would be asked to leave during the probationary period, the parents/guardians would be responsible for the non-refundable deposit plus a pro-rated amount of the tuition.
  2. If written notice of withdrawal is received before school before June 1, the parents/guardians will be responsible for the non-refundable deposit.  If notice of withdrawal occurs after the first payment (June 1), the parents/guardians are responsible for the full contract amount. This applies to the probationary contract as well. The six week pro-rated tuition only applies if the school declines acceptance during the probation period and does not apply to the family if they voluntarily withdraw.