Wish, Wonder and Surprise, Grade 7

GRADE SEVEN, Ms. Paula Rosa

Grade 7

As creative forces begin to unfold in the students’ physical bodies, the possibility of creative activity also awakens in the youngsters’ souls and so we took our first intense foray into “creative writing.”  Through prose and poetry that the students composed themselves (in pairs, groups or individually) we looked at three states of soul, expressed as “Wish”, “Wonder” and “Surprise.”  All of this was accomplished by working primarily with the four sentence types –statements, questions, commands and exclamations – exploring what language is, what we can do with language and the power of the word.

Other blocks also provide opportunities to explore different writing styles. I will over the next month provide writing samples from Physiology – a creative retelling of how food travels through the digestive system and Renaissance History – a selection of 5 paragraph essays on a Renaissance individual.


The Sun and the Moon  By Mary 

The sun is a ball of fire, a burning star

That brings the earth to life.

Green growing grass, the warmth of a summer day:

Light to live by.

As the sun slips below the horizon, the moon rises

Sometimes a glowing orb, sometimes a luminous smile.

Howling wolves, the ocean tides:

Lantern in the night sky.

Poem by Thomas

Loved one, Loved one, Where do you lie?

Up top on the hill where the bluebirds fly.

Loved one, Loved one, Do you still live?

Yes, In a place where there is love to give.

Loved one when you don’t answer I cry!

You will see me when its your time to die.

Loved one, Loved one, Its my time to die.

What does dying feel like? To heaven will I fly?

Loved one, Loved one, Am I really there?

Am I in heaven? or have I missed it by a hair?

Renaissance Writing/Charm                               Ella 

 May the sky flutter with millions of bright stars for eternity, like the everlasting Christmas lights that glimmer on your tree. May the sun shine down on your shoulders when there is a shiver running down your spine. Let the rain fall ceaselessly when the earth is dry as a dead leaf blowing in the wind. May a kind word reach out to you when you’re feeling like the universe is against you. May the road rise up to greet you and help you along the way. May the world at heart be at peace, like a warm embracing hug. May the moon watch over you at night like your guardian. May someday your wishes and dreams come true on a starry night.

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