Is Waldorf Academy Right for Us?

Is Waldorf Academy Right For Us?

Everything is about the right fit, especially your choice of school. Waldorf Academy offers a unique alternative with an academic approach that has proven successful for all kinds of students with all kinds of learning styles. By definition, alternatives can feel a little uncomfortable. Waldorf Academy doesn’t resemble the public schools, nor do we look too much like other independent schools. But our approach is based on sound research and over 95 years of experience, and our methods endure because they work. In fact, now you’ll find elements that originated with Waldorf being used in the programs of more conventional schools.

It’s hard sometimes to let go of the things we grew up with and consider something different, especially when it comes to our own children. We understand that. Parents need to feel confident that their children will be receiving a quality education that prepares them for the future.

The proof is in the success of our students.

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