Waldorf Academy Childcare Parent Testimonials

Knowing our child is happy, safe, and well cared for, mentally, physically and emotionally, in a way that coincides with our beliefs and values at home, is priceless.  Enrolling our child at Waldorf Academy has been a decision we have never doubted. We couldn’t be happier with the support provided for our child.

A. Ashman



As a parent we are always seeking to provide our children with the best, and childcare is one of the most important in our many decisions.  Prior to enrolling our daughter at the Waldorf Academy childcare program, we met with and interviewed several local and neighbourhood childcare programs.  When I leave my daughter in the morning with Ms. Lisa or Ms. Julia I am comfortable and confident that she is in good hands.  At the end of the day when I pick my daughter up she sometimes wants to stay a little longer to finish playing with a puzzle or playing with her friends, this is reassuring as I know she had a good and fun day.  The teachers/caregivers are truly kind and loving and treat every child in their care as if he or she was one of their own.  The other children and their parents are also an integral part of this experience, it’s a small group and everyone knows each other.  We started in the toddler program and then our little girl graduated into  preschool.  The Waldorf Academy childcare program is truly fantastic and we would like to thank every caregiver and volunteer for making this a truly happy experience for our family.

N. Czopyk



I want to thank all the staff of the Waldorf Academy Childcare Centre for all that you have done for our daughter! She has truly felt supported and loved during the last couple of years at the CCC, so much so that we decided to enrol her in the JK program for September. I truly hope that it will be a natural extension of the wonderful environment everyone at the CCC has managed to create & nurture.

S. Lains
“The Waldorf Childcare centre has quickly become a second home for our daughter. The rhythms, rituals and gentle voices create a warm, loving environment that succeeds in the goal of allowing the children to play and learn while protecting the wonder and magic of childhood.  With the keen support of the teachers, we have incorporated many of these practices into our own home and we all enjoy them.

Playing in the natural playground and jumping in mud puddles are my daughter’s favourite activities as well as baking and singing songs with her classmates. I couldn’t imagine a better first start for all children.”

S. Flint



I want to thank  the amazing staff at the Waldorf Academy child care. Our daughter was very lucky to attend a great institution as this one. Coming home every day and knowing she was well taken care of was very rewarding.

Specifically I would like to thank Miss Sarah and Miss Jessica. Both teachers are very professional, caring and loving. They show true dedication in their work and it was very much appreciated.

S. Sauday


As I have said to many, Waldorf Academy Childcare Centre has far exceeded my expectations in providing loving, nurturing care for my young son.

Their focus on kindness and imagination is unprecedented.  I have continuously felt supported by and in cooperation with all of the teachers and the Director at the centre, whether it was through potty training, working through behavioural adjustments, or the myriad of transitions that we move through with our children.  I cannot thank those at Waldorf enough for making this experience so seamless and wonderful for my family.

M. Deal


We are so grateful for the care that our two daughters received at the child care center. We learned so many invaluable parenting tools from the loving staff and Waldorf curriculum. Tools that truly improved and enlightened our family relationships. The manner of care for the toddlers and pre school is spectacular and inspiring. Thank you from all of us forever.

E. Dyer

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