Ukraine and Waldorf Education Support

Dear Waldorf Academy Families,

As we continue to follow the evolving situation in Ukraine, we offer our heartfelt sympathy and support to the people impacted by the events unfolding in Eastern Europe. In response to the war in Ukraine, we are reminded of the Waldorf mission and purpose that can serve as support for transformation and social renewal. We also understand that members of our community may have direct or indirect ties to the citizens of Ukraine.


We are deeply aware that news and images of the war in Ukraine affect the mental health of children in our care, and we do the brave work of addressing these issues. The teachers’ practice of deep observation allows for a responsive approach which enables us to address student questions and concerns in an age appropriate way within the classroom setting.


Global Events discussed in Middle School








What can you do at home?

Waldorf Non-Profit for Global Trauma, 

Donations to support Waldorf families and teachers in Ukraine: 


Please consider these resources for navigating these global, tragic events from long time Waldorf Academy supporter,  Julia Swaigen, Attuned Families:

 Julia Swaigen (She/Her) MSW, RSW, Attuned Families:





To those affected we offer our prayers and wishes for peace and an end to the conflict.

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