Toronto School Strike Impacts Families – Explore Options at Waldorf Academy

The Impact of a School Strike Presents an Opportunity to Explore Waldorf Education Downtown Toronto

Waldorf Academy invites families to tour our school on October 10th from 9:30 to 10:15. We can provide in most cases a quick one-week turnaround to have your child back at school. Most of the classes from Kindergarten to grade 7 have a few seats available. Grade 5 is currently accepting applications for the waitlist only.

Keep reading to learn more about why Waldorf Academy Toronto may just be a great fit for your child.

  • We offer small classes that average 15 students.
  • In kindergarten, we have two teachers and a wonderful arts enriched nature program.
  • Each grade has a class teacher that will travel with the cohort for several years and teach core subjects utilizing research-based teaching strategies that work!
  • In addition, we have many specialists and unique programs: Music, French (grade 1+) Handwork/Woodwork, Games, Sports, Art, Phys-ed, Circus Arts, Student Leadership programs, Math specialist, Health, Cyber Civics, Independent Projects, Drama and Outdoor Education.
  • Our graduates attend a range of private high schools and specialized public high schools. Recent choices include Toronto Waldorf School, St.Clemens, Greenwood, Abelard, UTS, Parkdale IB, ESA, UFA and more.

Steps to Having My Child Back in School:

  1. Tour the school ( parents only) 45 minutes. Contact Admissions Manager, Jennifer Deathe
  2. Explore the school website, FAQ’s, blogs and social media: we have videos, testimonials and curriculum content
  3. Explore the greater worldwide movement to appreciate the scope and expertise of the Waldorf approach to learning: Waldorf Education
  4. Submit the application and pay $150 admin fee
  5. Have a Family Meeting on Monday at 4 pm with your child and the class teacher
  6. If in kindergarten you will receive an acceptance package
  7. If in grade school, your child will have a 3 day visit- Tues, Wed, Thur.
  8. On Friday you will receive a letter indicating the faculty decision to accept.

All contracts are a 6 week conditional at first to ensure a good fit.

Tuition Assistance is always available through Apple Financial. Please read page to learn more about our policy.

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