The Magic and artistry of the Waldorf Doll

One of the unique features of Waldorf Academy’s Childcare, Nursery and Kindergarten are the dolls.

Many years ago I joined a doll workshop at our school determined to create a doll for one of my daughters. I am not crafty at all but I completely admire those that are. Of course the social aspect was wonderful and with so many helpful hands to guide me I created my soccer boy from Zimbabwe for my tomboy girl. I gave it to her on her 4th Christmas! I could barely contain myself as she opened the package. As she breathlessly opened the box her face collapsed from sheer excitement to extreme disappointment. She scrunched up her nose, mumbled thanks and went back to her shield and sword.

Although I could have (and wanted to) I didn’t go on about how ungrateful she was and the hours I had put it into it and how proud I was of my accomplishment. Instead every time I found it under her bed I would bring him out and place him on her bookshelf or with a hat on or with glasses and a sweater or a soccer outfit. One day I discovered her playing with him but she didn’t want me to know. It didn’t matter, I knew there would be no turning back. And sure enough all the other Waldorf dolls we had of varying sizes would be often be gathered to create some magical story – Godzilla included and sometimes Spiderman.

Years later- guess who is still around? The doll! My eldest just completed her first Waldorf doll for a Grade 7 project and has learned perseverance, value, appreciation for the hours it takes to create something beautiful and meaningful. The Grade 7 students adore their creations and they will for life like I do.

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