Sungarden Junior Kindergarten: The story of a young Kenyan boy named Kipury

This week the children heard the story of a young Kenyan boy named Kipury who

herds the sheep in a small African village. One day, after all his work is done, Kipury

takes his favourite little lamb for a walk to the grove. The little lamb wanders off in

search of water while Kipury succumbs to sleep in the shade. In search of his little

lost lamb, Kipury must take risks and make sacrifices to help others in need: a bird

whose wings are caught in a thorn bush; a hungry girl with whom he shares his

meager meal; a tortoise trapped in a large hole in the ground. Lost and frightened in

the darkness of end of day, Kipury encounters a wise old man in the forest. “I have

been waiting for you” says the wise old man; “the animals have been telling me

about you and your good deeds, and now I will help you.” The little lamb is safe in

the wise man’s cave, bleating with joy to see the boy. The wise man gives Kipury a

lantern to guide him safely home. With his lantern in his hand and the little lamb by

his side, Kipury feels “a new strength flow into him.” Light-footed, he hurries home

into his mother’s welcoming arms.


With this story of caring and respect as inspiration, the children were introduced to

Fairy Gentlelina’s “Basket of Good Deeds”. Everyday, our Golden Emissaries help

‘collect’ acts of goodness and kindness: little gems we collect for moments of

“golden words” and “golden hands and feet”, in our shiny “golden land”. Perhaps a

child has offered to bring the ice pack when another is hurt; or another’s lunch bag

to the table; perhaps the good deed is the offer to wait for a turn when there is only

enough for one; or an offer to play, to help, or to understand; the courage to tell the

truth, to admit ‘wrongdoing’, to apologize in earnest; or to heed the teacher’s gentle

reminder, and so on. Over time, we hope to cultivate and strengthen a steadfast

desire in the children to shine their best light, such that our basket will overflow

with the tiny jewels of our love and striving.

JK Teacher, Ms.Vivien Carrady

JK and Grade 4 buddies share pancakes

JK and Grade 4 buddies share pancakes

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