Simplifying the Holidays

Over the years at Waldorf Academy we have observed that anxiety in children has increased and is the number one reason for new enrollment in the grades. Anxiety can also increase for a child over the holidays.
Here are some tips from Dr.Foxman who has visited the London Waldorf school for parent workshops on anxiety.
“In my view, stress is the key anxiety activator in sensitive people. During this change of seasons and holidays, stress can increase for many people due to family events, gift shopping, shorter days, cold weather and other sources. Here are some suggestions for controlling anxiety by managing the stressful effects of the season:
  • Start or continue a regular exercise program, including walks and activities outside during daylight hours to improve mood and energy
  • Resist the temptation to overindulge in food, drugs and alcohol
  • Spend some time reflecting on what is meaningful to those on your gift list; thoughtful gifts can be more meaningful than expensive gifts
  • Activate your creativity by making rather than purchasing some gifts (e.g. photo books and frames, music recordings, cooking/food gifts, woodwork/sewing/craft projects), and start early to avoid time pressure
  • Spend some time meditating and experiencing relaxed equilibrium
  • Parents who put a priority of managing their own stress can have a positive impact on their children’s stress and anxiety
Appreciate the magic of winter, the gift of life and the healing of love, but manage your stress so you can enjoy it all more fully.
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