School Store September 2019

Hello from your School Store

I wanted to showcase the selection of beautiful dolls available. All are handmade from natural materials, and stuffed with wool. The smaller ones are posable, and ideal for a dollhouse, or a nature corner.
These photos show only a few of the skin tones, and sizes available, but certainly give you a good idea of choice.

Your store was managed by a school parent, Jennifer Duncan last year, and I just want to thank her for her inventory selections! As well as all the dolls, there is also a wide range of smaller toys, puzzles, gifts for babies and those beautiful hand-painted wooden animals from Germany.

Not to mention all the beautiful books!
Next week I will showcase the books.
Please contact me with any questions about in-stock items, or special orders.

Katharine Gordon
text: 416-843-3028

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