Grade 1 Class Teacher: For most of her childhood, Fernanda lived in Mexico City where she spent time in nature exploring the world and tasting its flavours. She then graduated from the University of Queretaro, Mexico in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Spanish Teaching. After graduating, she worked as a grade school teacher in an International School in Mexico City. Fernanda immigrated to Canada in 2019; it was at this time that she encountered Anthroposophy. In 2020, Fernanda graduated from the Foundations Studies in Anthroposophy, and most recently, she graduated from the Rudolf Steiner College Canada with a certification in Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education. Fernanda is excited to be part of Waldorf Academy and its vibrant community. After many years teaching Kindergarten, Fernanda has become a class teacher. Fernanda hopes to help the children to sculpt their inner space for their souls to live a free, happy, and healthy life.