Research Presentation: Diversity in a Waldorf School

Admissions Manager, Jennifer Deathe presented to the community on September 24, 2020, highlights of her research focusing on the interviews with diverse parents and faculty and key findings in her academic research. There is a link to a slide share of the evening’s presentation and a pdf of the presentation but it does not include the Q & A that followed.

The action research was part of a requirement to complete her M.Ed., LL in 2019.  Jennifer wrote an article based on her research that was published in the Waldorf Research Bulletin Spring/Summer 2020 issue. The link to the article is here. Jennifer also has provided resources that were touched upon in the presentation.


Theory U: Presencing:

Levels of Listening/Theory U tool: Image Insert


Social Identity Wheel:

Allan Johnson: one of many resources listed.  He is the author of many books that can help lay a foundation for understanding systemic racism

Conduct Your Own Practitioner Research: Many books and websites to choose from: one such sample: 

OHRC on Data: Interrupted childhoods: Over-representation of Indigenous and Black children in Ontario child welfare

WECAN DEI statement:

AWSNA DEI statement:

Look for more resources and conversations from the school’s DEI Committee and the Community Council.





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