As you well know, technology is traditionally limited in the early childhood years and elementary school years in the practice of Waldorf pedagogy; and so, here we find ourselves with an interesting set of circumstances. Our teachers are well-practiced in providing experiential learning in a no or low-tech environment and also have been ramping up a whole new set of their own skills in order to reconcile their dedication to teaching your children in this new online environment.

Despite these exceptional circumstances, we must continue to hold our children’s needs as our top priority. We recognize that when the school building is closed, this poses an extreme burden and strain on parents who have now become virtual employees, at-home parents, and home school teachers. Similarly, the faculty are managing their own family situations, as well as learning a new way of delivering the Waldorf curriculum and holding the parents and students.

We are all in a steep learning curve within a rapidly changing global environment; now, more than ever, we are given the opportunity to demonstrate our Waldorf principles.


What to Expect: September-June 2020-21

Please note that these plans are subject to change without notice as we adapt to government legislation.

  • Kindergarten to grade 8 will range from 12-17 students and two team teachers. * The French program (Grades 1-8) will require the French teacher to be the exception and the middle school math specialist.
  • Efforts will be made to take learning outdoors and to ensure there is a lot of physical movement, joy, and creativity.


Waldorf Academy’s Re-Entry Plan (2020-2021):



Health and Safety:

  • Special consideration will be given to the mental health and well being of the students and faculty.
  • A COVID-19Task Group has been working diligently to ensure the operations of the school are meeting the highest health and safety protocols
  • Prior to and during school, there will be safety presentations for parents, faculty, and students on COVID-10 health and safety protocols and guidelines.
  • Efforts will be made to ensure new students can tour the school and class before the year begins to assist in familiarizing them with their new environment.
  • The classes will be staggered the first week of school to ensure the flow and systems are practiced with reduced numbers.



  • No Before Care can be provided.
  • There is no longer a thoroughfare between the school and the Childcare Centre. Parents will have to go around the block. This is to ensure a child protected zone.
  • The earliest a student can arrive is 8:20 am* but please refer to the new staggered drop-off and pick up schedule and arrive promptly to drop off or pick up your child.
  • Temperature screenings will take place before students/faculty can enter the yard or school to their designated area.
  • A child cannot sign off on a self-assessment. If a parent is not present they will be required to submit a daily electronic self-assessment by 8 am to the school.
  • Parents and other visitors will not be permitted to enter the yards or school including the washrooms.
  • All year, there will be staggered drop-offs and pick-ups to ensure as best as possible we are limiting cohorts from overlapping in high-risk areas where crowding can occur.



  • Aftercare will be limited to those that have registered for the entire school year and will be treated as a new cohort.
  • There is a dedicated grades 1-8 Aftercare coordinator and a dedicated Kindercare coordinator.
  • All Aftercare programs will end at 5:30 pm to allow for new cleaning protocols.
  • Grade school Aftercare will be held in a new location on the second floor. Pick up will take place in the side-yard between 5 and 5:30 pm.
  • All year, there will be staggered drop-offs and pick-ups to ensure as best as possible we are limiting cohorts from overlapping in high-risk areas where crowding can occur.


Large Group Activities:

  • There will be no large gatherings or competitive team sports.
  • Festivals/plays will be in most cases limited to within the classroom.
  • At this point, there will be no trips, however, plans will be prepared for the event they can take place in Term 3.


Remote Learning:

  • There will be concurrent remote learning for students unable to attend due to COVID-19
  • If the campus is required to close we will be offering remote learning for grades 1-8.
  • Kindergarten will be eligible for an 80% rebate if the campus is required to close due to COVID-19.
  • Remote learning previews will take place in classrooms.




The early childhood teachers have continued to communicate with the Early Childhood families via email and phone throughout the week. They also have Zoom parent evening conferences. A unique and private website was created by the Kindergarten team and friends. All the stories and songs are recorded by the teachers and all the artwork is drawn by the teachers as well. Hearing the voices of their teachers singing and telling a story are important for maintaining the relationship. Collaborating on a community forum helps to reconnect families and share in their journey.

Waldorf Academy Kindergarten Website Preview:
Daily Offerings: painting, tidy jobs, drawing, fine motor activities, crafts & nature obstacles
Puppet Show: Little Gnome who Stayed Home (protection-healing story) changes weekly
Oral Story: Mother Earth and the Seed Helpers (seasonal-rhythm and repetition story) changes weekly
Circle Time & Songs: Spring songs, finger games and counting songs changes weekly
Recipe: Egg-less cake recipe/ changes weekly
Waldorf Words of Wisdom: Protection Stories (Ms.Lennox)/ changes weekly


Lower School

Lower school teachers are using a schedule to structure the child’s day and will be using two platforms for the delivery of online lessons: Zoom and Google Classroom. The morning time is best dedicated to academic work, while the afternoons can be used for more artistic and creative lessons and activities, such as free play and time in nature. Each Monday, teachers will send out materials in various forms for the coming week. The amount of screen time will be determined in an ongoing manner in consideration of the distinct stages of development and overall needs of classes. The faculty is working on limiting screen time while providing as much structure and engaging content for at-home learning as possible. Individual class teachers will communicate directly to their parent bodies regarding expectations, benchmarks, assessment, check-ins, and office hours.


Middle school

The team of middle school faculty has been preparing and coordinating a schedule and programs with a combination of engaging, experiential work, and online connection and instruction (through Zoom and Google Classroom). Faculty have arranged a weekly schedule with virtual check-ins to support students in largely independent learning. Students have met with class teachers and prepared a schedule for themselves allotting a segment of their day for Main Lesson and specialist subjects. Using Google Classroom, students will be engaged in online assignments.


Sample of a Grade 4 schedule

(living document as we roll out our remote learning)