Our program emphasizes quality of care and flexibility for families in a Waldorf environment. Programming is designed by Waldorf teachers to nurture and engage students, enabling them to rest and digest after a busy school day.

Kindercare Program

  • The program for earlier years provides a restful counterpoint to a busy day at school.
  • Continuity of care, free play, and a dependable rhythm in a Waldorf environment are the cornerstones of the program, giving children time to rest and breathe out.
  • Children will engage in a rhythmical combination of indoor and outdoor free-play and focused activities such as crafts, food preparation, fort building and storybook time.

Elementary School Aftercare

  • This program focuses on meaningful social engagement, outdoor and artistic activities, quiet focused time and occasional guest programming/visits.
  • Programming balances rhythm to ensure that children have an opportunity to rest and digest their school day.
  • Outdoor activities include outdoor play and camp skills
  • Indoor activities include chess and board games, reading, instrument practice, painting, woodwork, and crafts.
  • Students are required to follow the Student Code of Conduct. Due to the range of ages if there is an ongoing behavioural challenge impacting the safety of the student, other students and the teacher, the school reserves the right to suspend the privilege of attending the program

Families can register on an annual basis to receive a significant discount. Due to Covid-19 there will be no Drop-ins.

The cost of aftercare is affordable. Parents will receive a tax receipt for all childcare costs.