Parent Talk Podcast: What is Waldorf Education?

We are so honoured to share our interview on ParentTalkPodcast: Everything Parents & More!

On Episode 153, Vancouver-based podcasters, and parents, Heather and Genevieve set out to understand:

What is the Waldorf Education philosophy? and How is it different from, say, Montessori or other alternative approaches to education?

At Waldorf Academy, we hear this question daily. And, who better than our very own Jennifer Deathe, Admissions Manager, to answer.

Not only can Jennifer speak from her role as our Enrolment Director, but anyone who’s met Jen will know that she generously shares her own first-hand knowledge and experience as:

In her interview, Jen shares some background on how Waldorf education was founded, its global relevance, and how our downtown Toronto school manages to bring our “city children” closer to their connections with nature through an equal emphasis on art, music, movement and human relationships, all within today’s fast-paced modern world.

Whether you’re curious to hear how our Kindergarten program prepares children to jump right into multiplication and division in Grade 1;  finding ways to establish a simpler bedtime routine with your child, or wondering how family dinner time may be the key to developing your own family culture, there are innumerable tips and resources inside these 42 minutes.

And, don’t worry, Vancouver Waldorf School, we made sure we mentioned you (for the local listeners in B.C.).

Happy listening! Tune in here:

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