Ode to January ’16

What a month it has been! With February just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to reflect on what’s been going on in the music world at school and in the community. As I began collecting stories to share, I noticed a theme: Beethoven’s 9th symphony!

In the new year, grade 6 began to learn about physics and it’s relationship to music. Jim Creeggan, a parent in the class, was invited to come in and share a few things. I saw him come in to the school carrying… a thereminI immediately asked if I could sit in on the lesson.  After he did a short demonstration,  all of the students had a chance to try it out!

Monday evenings have become much more lively at Waldorf Academy. The community choir is shaping up nicely! We have about 15 members and we are singing a range of repertoire including The Talking Heads “Road to Nowhere”, “Pure Imagination” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the original score of Somewhere over the Rainbow and The Parting glass, a traditional Irish tune. In our first rehearsal, we had a small but mighty turnout. Here is a video of us singing “Joyful, Joyful” from Sister Act II.  


On January 27th, Ms. Caitlin McQuaite and I hosted our 2nd annual music recital, open to students in grades 1-8 who are taking private lessons and would like a chance to show what they’re working on. Repertoire ranged from well-loved classical pieces (including the famous “Ode to Joy”, of course), to new popular music. We even had some original compositions! We heard beautiful music on the guitar, piano, violin/fiddle, trombone, recorder and harmonica! The evening was a success! It was the perfect length and everyone left feeling uplifted by the gift of music.

A big thank you to the students who were brave enough to perform. Also, a very big thank you to parents, for all the many wonderful things you do to support music education.

May your day be blessed with song,

Clara Hilts


Here are some extra pictures from the recital and the grade 6 physics block!



tuning fork



Finn theremin

mic + pedal

electric guitar



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