Life at Waldorf

Life at Waldorf: Celebrating 100 Years of Waldorf Education 2019!

The days are action-packed and creativity-filled. Families play an active role in the school and many special community events round out an enriching school year. Come find out how life at Waldorf Academy can work for you and your child.


Grade One: the beginning of an academic journey that is innovative, creative and relevant. We are offering a special bursary for grade one and two students.

Please contact Jennifer Deathe, Admissions Manager to learn more.

Summer Camp 2019

June 17- August 16, 2019

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Parent and Tot Program

July Summer Dates to be announced!

Fall Program: October 2019  – February 2020

Spring Program: March-June, 2020 program

Summer Program 2020


Waldorf Affiliated Events

April 7

Bernd Ruf

Waldorf-Inspired Emergency Pedagogy

A First-Aid for The Soul


BERND RUF is the Author of Educating Traumatized Children and the creator of EMERGENCY PEDAGOGY.


9 am – 10:30 am Lecture 1


10:45 am – 12:15 pm Lecture 2


1:30 pm – 3pm Lecture 3


Learn more about this important work with children facing war, violence, natural disasters and medical interventions


There is a mounting need to address trauma affecting our children and youth today and Waldorf education offers a suite of strategies – often little known or untapped – that educators and NGO’s can harness to serve children and youth meeting this challenge.


Donation Recommended at Door $20

50 seats only- Reserve your seat with Jennifer Deathe


Anthroposophical Society Events:

Introduction to Anthroposophical Meditation with Robert McKay