Lantern Walk- a special fall festival

Lantern Walk Prep

Lantern Walk Prep

We have been crafting our lanterns this week for our lantern walk.  Festival crafting with young children is so much more than a finished product.  We lay out all of the materials in an inviting way during our free play.  We then sit down at the table and begin to slowly craft. The children are free to play and no announcement is made to call them to the table. While not all of the children will choose to leave their play to join the crafting activity, they still experience what we are doing. They experience that something is being made – our gestures, our feelings.

Together, we experience festival crafting over the course of one week. The children see how it takes time to create something. They might also notice how some children are participating and talking about it, and this draws them in, as well.

We look forward to sharing this special evening with all of you!!

Waldorf Academy Childcare Lantern Walk


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