Early Childhood

Mariela Pasatir began her career in education as a certified Kindergarten teacher in 1989 in her native Argentina. She went on to work in public and private schools for more than 12 years, specializing in hands-on projects, free play, and education through art. She studied Art History at Buenos Aires University and worked as Institutional Relations Coordinator in the Tigre Art Museum in Buenos Aires. In 2007, Mariela immigrated with her family to Toronto where she was dedicated to her daughters while she instructed art at her community center. In 2014, she joined Waldorf Academy as a substitute teacher, assisting with the Nursery, Junior, Senior Kindergarten classes in addition to the 2015 summer camp. Mariela officially became a full-time Kindergarten assistant during the 2015 school year, supervising the Star Garden class with the lead teacher, Ms. Lennox.