How to Create a Nature Table at Home

Nature or Seasonal Table is a table or a shelf in your home where, together with your child, you craft beautiful scenes that reflect the rhythms of the seasons outside. The benefits of this practice include: contributing to healthy childhood development, combating nature deficit disorder and cultivating the bonds of your family.


1) Value simplicity. Keep your table uncrowded. Identify an outdoor area (we called ours the “Find Garden”) that has the purpose of housing extra nature items that don’t fit inside on your Nature Table.

2) Use natural materials.

3) Freshen up the seasonal theme of your tableau regularly, this mimics changes in nature.

4) Model care and respect of the Seasonal Table objects for your child.

5) Keep elaborate adult explanations about nature to a minimum! Children best learn about nature through experiential, story-telling and intuitive ways.

6) Colors are important because they express the moods of the seasons. The hues for your autumn Nature Tables are; warm red, fiery orange, orangey-yellow, tree bark tan, earthy brown and mouse grey.  Examples of winter colors are; cranberry red, snow white, dark water blue, royal purple. Spring colours are; delicate green, lemony yellow, creamy white, soft skies blue. Summer colours are; butterscotch yellow, verdant green, poppy flower red and Robin’s egg blue.

7) Have fun with your children and your Nature Table!


A base made by parents at Waldorf Academy for sale in the school store


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