Grade Eight Hero Projects

November 21, 2019


Waldorf Academy Gymnasium


This project began with this class last year in Grade 7.  Last spring, students brainstormed a long list of heroes based on Joseph Campbell’s definition of the hero’s journey.  The students looked at heroes; both male and female, across the world and across time – and each student chose someone who inspired them or touched them in some way.   The students then chose a hero from their shortlist and wrote a persuasive essay to make a case for why and how their hero fit Joseph Campbell’s definition.  They deepened their understanding of their hero through mapping out their hero’s journey according to Joseph Campbell’s monomyth wheel, executing a large art project based on their hero’s life,  compiling a speech from their hero’s actual words and then collaborating with classmates to create a cohesive show incorporating all of the heroes’ voices through their speeches and through drama, movement and music.