Grade 8 Projects: a culmination of their educational experience.

March 8,9,10 6:30-9pm

Each year the students in the graduating class take on independent projects as the culmination of their educational experience. It is an opportunity for the students to have a truly independent learning experience based on their individual interests and inspirations.

Students combine the academic, artistic, and intellectual capacities fostered by their Waldorf education to research, develop, and present a project of their choosing. The maturity and self-motivation required to accomplish such a project is a prerequisite for moving on to secondary school.

The eighth-grade project requires the students to find a mentor, research their topic, complete the work, and share this experience with an audience.

They spend many hours, above and beyond their regular academic school work, developing their independent eighth-grade projects. Please come to at least one evening and support these amazing young individuals.


Creative Writing

Creative Writing

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