Grade 2 Science- Nature Studies- the world is full of ordinary magic

We have been exploring the natural world in our Nature Studies Block, drawing the animals and plants we see around us all of the time.  On our adventures to the big Ravine, and to Spadina House, the children have been stuffing their pockets (and my pockets) with precious earth treasures; acorns, maple seeds, oak leaves, burrs, birds nests, pieces of birch park, twigs, stones, and strange seeds and flowers of every kind.  The world is full of ordinary magic.  It is amazing how strong, determined, and full of potent longing to live a tiny sprout is, and it is amazing that a ragged, majestic oak tree begins as a humble acorn.  In the classroom we have been having conversations during main lesson, sharing our encounters with nature, with animals and with the elements. Our writing and drawing exercises have been inspired out of theses subjects.  For example; how can you tell the difference between a toad and a frog?  Or How can you tell the difference between a crow and a raven?  Have you ever climbed a tree or seen a rainbow for real or come face to face with a deer?  Here is a picture of my chalk drawing for the children for this block.  Animals keep appearing.  The fox is very curious about all of the activities of the children in grade two.  Grade 2 teacher, Ms. Colby







Grade 2 creating their own lesson books


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