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Annual Giving Campaign 2018/19

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To learn more about opportunities to give, please contact Matthew Denton, the Business Operations Manager at 416-962-6447 ext 226

Why do we fundraise in addition to charging tuition?

Education is expensive. There is no getting around it. Funding is a constant pressure whether you are a public, private or independent non-profit school. Education is labour intensive – the backbone of every school is the highly skilled teacher. It also requires tools – places to work, play and explore, materials to learn with, instruments to make music with. It adds up. At Waldorf Academy we believe in providing a learning environment that requires everyone to invent and create, so we do not aspire to all the bells and whistles you might find elsewhere. Our needs are very specific to our unique program and while tuition can cover our basic operating costs, it does not extend to the extras we need to fulfill our Waldorf ambitions. The Annual Fund is a fundamental part of our ability to offer the best Waldorf environment for your children and we encourage everyone in our community to participate. As little or as much as you can, your gift is an investment in the future.

  • Enhance our Science Program
  • Enrich our Arts Program with a particular focus on music
  • Extend our outdoor spaces
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