Frequently Asked Questions About Waldorf Schools, Part 2

Frequently Asked Questions About Waldorf Schools, Part 2 | Waldorf Academy | Toronto Private School Childcare

Frequently Asked Questions About Waldorf Schools, Part 2 | Waldorf Academy | Toronto Private School Childcare

In the first part of this two-part article about Waldorf schools, we looked at the curriculum and philosophy of a Waldorf education, and what makes our schools so unique.

Here, we’ll explore the background of Rudolf Steiner who created the Waldorf schools. We’ll also take a closer look at some aspects of our curriculum, including our focus on ceremonies and festivals, testimonials from happy Waldorf parents, and what sort of education our teaching staff have.

Keep reading to learn more about why Waldorf Academy Toronto may just be a great fit for your child.

Who Was Rudolf Steiner?

Dr. Rudolf Steiner was a well-respected scientific, literary, and philosophical scholar, who combined his interest in science and spiritual development.

He combined his observations of daily life with a background in history to create the basis behind a Waldorf education.

Through Waldorf education Steiner hoped to create a place where students can develop a sense of consciousness through the study of the surrounding world.

Why Does Waldorf Emphasize Ceremonies?

Students at Waldorf schools learn about and celebrate seasonal festivals as a way to connect with nature and the changing of the seasons.

Celebrating festivals which have been around since ancient times help children learn about these traditions and stay connected with the roots of humanity.

We believe there is joy to be found in all aspects surrounding festivals – anticipating and preparing for them, the experience of the festival itself and the memories that come after.

What Is Michaelmas, And Why Does Waldorf Celebrate It?

Michaelmas is one of several seasonal festivals celebrated at Waldorf schools.

Celebrated in the fall, on September 29th, Michaelmas is the festival of St. Michael, the conqueror of the dragon, who brings strength to his people.

The other festivals celebrated by Waldorf schools include the Winter Light Festival. While the season’s darkness encroaches on us all, the Winter Light Festival reminds us that each of us has an inner light that can help us navigate the season.

Our grade 5 students celebrate Diwali, an Indian festival observed in Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism, in accordance with their ancient civilization study of India.

Other festivals we observe which you may recognize include Earth Day and Chinese New Year.

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Why Does Waldorf Discourage Screen Use?

Waldorf schools discourage screen use – including television, video games, and smart phones – for their students, and the reason is twofold.

The first has to do with the detrimental effects which screen time has on child development. Waldorf Academy believes they have as negative impact on a child’s overall development and development of imagination.

The second has to do with the questionable content found in much on-screen content.

Besides, screen time can often distract from family quality time together.

What Kind Of Education Do Waldorf Teachers Have?

Although requirements can be different depending on the school, generally Waldorf teachers hold a university degree as well as a teaching certificate from a recognized Waldorf education program.

Some Waldorf teachers are able to complete a B.A. or M.A. degree at the same time as they complete their Waldorf teaching programs, depending on the institution they attend.

Teachers must also meet provincial requirements for licensing and credentialing.

Why Should I Send My Child To Waldorf Academy?

Waldorf schools are different, and if you don’t want to take it from me, just watch this testimonial from a proud Waldorf parent on the differences they’ve noticed in the classroom:

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By now, we hope you can see that a Waldorf education is different than what you’ll find elsewhere.

As a parent considering a private school education, you naturally want to seek out the #1 reviewed private schools in Toronto for your child. Waldorf Academy strives to be that.

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