French with Madame Kolarska: Thinking ahead to University – Study abroad in France


This post is about Europe’s universities and the possibilities to do undergraduate studies there.

Have you thought about your after school continuation of French? The studies abroad are a possibility …

Do you know that the French universities rank among the best in the world? And do you know that the total annual university fees are minimum, less than 1000$ in order to cover administration costs?

This is right.  France offers the same rights to French citizens as to the international students. The majority of programs offering the chance to study in France for free are taught in the native language. The easiest way to enroll directly in a French university is to already have a reasonably good level of French, at least level B1-B2 intermediate, as it is a requirement for enrollment.

In order to benefit of the low cost, you must consider the direct enrollment. Choosing to study in France with a third party agency, will require tens of thousands of dollars in program fees for administrative and academic support during your stay. However, by enrolling directly in a French university the cost is minimum and you will rely on yourself to succeed. Direct enrollment requires commitment to a long-term program or degree in undergraduate courses or a master’s program.

If you graduate in France, you’ll earn a degree recognized in all of Europe and not have to worry about equivalencies. Also, your degree will be recognized in the whole world, but out of Europe you will need equivalences.

In order to cover your living costs, the French government is allowing you as international student to work part time. Also you will benefit of free healthcare and social help for housing.

The other possibility for a short stay is to use one of the many Study exchange programs between Canada and France. See below:

france studies abroad

Whatever direction you choose, stay on the path of discovery and openness to the diversity around you!

To all graduating 8th graders: Good luck in High School! And…

Bonne continuation!

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