Featured Alumni: Uma Roberts

A grade 3 photo of Uma in a play on Moses


We couldn’t have been more delighted to see Waldorf Academy alumna, Uma Roberts, featured in the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre’s Blog this week. Uma shares her experiences as a dancer and particularly the impact of the pandemic on her dance plans. Uma Roberts joined the Young Apprentice Program at CCDT in 2013, and spent several years among the ranks of CCDT’s pre-professional training programs. This season has been her first as a full company member, dancing through the weeks at CCDT and as a grade 11 dance major at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the packed gym when Uma presented her grade 8 project presentation on her adoption story. Uma was adopted at age 5 in India and joined Waldorf Academy in grade one. In her grade 8 year her family and cousins returned to her place of birth to visit the orphanage.  The memories Uma shared of the orphanage were loving and kind. Two older girls that were with her when she was growing up in the orphanage were still there having never been adopted and were thrilled to see Uma again with big smiles and a warm embrace. A touching and tender story that no one will ever forget.

Congratulations Uma on being accepted into the company! We look forward to your future performances!



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