The Extra Lesson- a unique Waldorf therapeutic technique -Spatial Orientation Exercises

Working with studentThe Extra Lesson Bean bag exercise

There are two Extra Lesson exercises students often work with in the program. One is Left/right bean bag/ball exercise and the other is the Threefold Spiral.

 Bean Bag Exercises:  The Left/right bean bag/ball exercise is one of the spatial orientation exercise to help bring awareness of left and right, further the integration of the vertical midline, and support the eye-hand coordination.  A Student has one bean bag/ball in each hand, tosses up one in their right hand. As they does so, they are to pass the bean bag/ball held in their left hand into the right hand by swiftly bringing the left hand across the vertical midline and turning it upside down over in the right hand. Then they quickly catch the returning bean bag/ball in the left hand with their palm up. After the student practices until a rhythm is established, the student reverses the direction, starting with the left hand tossing the bean bag/ball up.

 Threefold Spiral: Here we have a board with a large red clockwise spiral on the floor. The child traces the red spiral with right foot, left foot, and right hand, following the archetypal movement directions. The child holds an item of some weight in the left hand, which rests on the left lap. Restlessness and nervousness can be relieved with the practices of this exercise.

Shi-Ching Yu

Education Support Teacher


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