Spring Sewing Activity for your Kindergartener

Kindergarten Sewing Activity

How to Make Your Own Pouch in 4 Simple Steps

There is always wisdom behind the progression of Waldorf pedagogy. Every subject is designed to reach a child where he or she is at that moment in their physical, emotional, and spiritual development.  Our curriculum connects children to their place as humans in the greater scheme of the world. This is why Waldorf students spend so much time in nature, where classroom lessons take hold and gain context.

Collect some of Nature’s Little Treasures in your own DIY Pouch

During these final weeks of remote learning, we know the children are busy at home building, drawing, baking, playing and enjoying nature.  And how lovely and green the world is becoming! At the conclusion of June’s first week, we have just experienced hot sun, heavy rain, and some of us even had some snow fairies come our way!

We invite you to go out and revel in Mother Nature’s gifts – and even collect some lovely nature treasures in a pouch you make yourself with very simple materials! If you don’t have time to make the pouch, we still invite you to explore and look for gifts to add to your own at-home nature tables.

All you need to sew your own pouch at home

Sewing Activity - Make Your Own PouchMaterials:

Tea Towel

Needle and Thread

Finger Knitting Chain

Buttons (optional)





Open the tea towel and fold it in half.

Sew two open parts with a running stitch, leaving an open. Do it two or three times (on different days) until the pouch is united.

Make a braid with finger knitting (thick).

Sew finger knitting chain to fabric.

Optional: Sew on buttons to decorate (with the help of an adult!) ​


Enjoy searching for treasures in Mother Nature!❤️

(Share your photos with us!)

Sewing Activity for Kindergarten

Running stitch

Kindergarten Finger Knitting Chain

Add this to your pouch for a braided strap

Kindergarten Sewing Activity

DIY Pouch to collect nature’s little treasures












A further reflection:

As we write this, it’s National Indigenous History Month (June). We’re reminded by Robin Wall Kimmerer, member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, who embraces the notion that “plants and animals are our oldest teachers.”  Read more from this botanist author, and how we create in Kindergarten the foundations to study Botany in Grade 5.

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