Key DEI Events/Workshops

2018: AWSNA Teacher Development Conference Social Justice. Practitioner Action Research on Diversity approved for Jen Deathe thesis development.

Land Acknowledgement work: Indigenous speakers with students:

New Grade 4 Winter Trip to Everlasting Tree School

Phillip Cote- Did mural at corner of Spadina and Dupont. 

Ojibway storyteller, White Pine Dancers:  Aaron Bell Subject: Re: Earth day April 24, visit to a school

KAIROS Blanket Exercise. 

LGBTQ+ Workshop

Presenter: Kevin Godin: special project co-ordinator for equity and inclusive 

education with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association 

– learn vocabulary to answer children’s questions
– bring some of this content to middle school students
– honour children’s burgeoning identities
– ensure actions are reflective/manifesting inner intentions
– create inclusivity for families
– build collective awareness as faculty and all be resources around this topic
– increase language awareness
– break down challenge of restrictive grammar rules/use
– realize subtleties around what we might be conveying through language and actions
that we can become more conscious of
– broaden view by experiencing world from many different perspectives
– create safer spaces for LGBTQ+ community at school