Board of Directors

Committee Mandates

Committee Mandates


Fundraising Committee:

Mandate: Advance the mission of the school by generating funds from areas other than tuition and camps.  Coordinate activities with the work of Advancement Manager.

Committee Members:
Bill Ross (Board member, Chair of Committee)
Jane Lavelle Farris (Board member)
Anoosha Reddy (Board member)
Anton Christopher (Board member)
Bogdan Ciepielewski
Leslie Ma (Marketing and Advancement Manager)


Enrollment Committee:

Mandate: To facilitate a healthy, diverse, and fully enrolled school the committee’s mandate is to discuss, review and approve recruitment and retention strategies according to Waldorf principles. The committee aims to take a holistic approach through school-wide collaboration, engagement, and consensus-building. The committee reviews and approves the school’s annual recruitment, retention, and marketing strategy plans.

Committee Members:
Daniel Zaitz (Board Member, Chair of Committee)
Michael Bernstein (Board member)
Garrett Kerr (Board member)
Anoosha Reddy (Board member)
Jennifer Deathe (Admissions Manager)
Leslie Ma (Marketing and Advancement Manager)
Cheri Grogan (School & Childcare Director)


Governance Committee:

The mandate of the Governance Committee is to help the Board:
1. meet legal, ethical and financial requirements;
2. keep the mission, vision and values of Waldorf Academy at the heart of all
relationships, policies and decisions;
3. routinely exercise its oversight duties;
4. function effectively and remain accountable to members of the corporation and
community as a whole.

Objectives for 2020-2021
1. Meet Legal, Ethical & Financial Requirements
a. Put systems in place to ensure all Board members undertake training (legal, ethical, etc.);
b. Ensure that all Board committees are clear on their requirements;
c. Annually review and disseminate any updates to governing legislation;
d. Annually review By-laws for currency;
e. Draft and disseminate any necessary By-law amendments prior to AGM.
2. Keep the Waldorf Mission, Vision and Values at Heart
a. Collate vision and mission documents and ensure all Board members are versed in the purposes of the corporation;
b. Identify enrichment opportunities (anthroposophical, AWSNA, seminars, readings, etc.) for Board members;
c. Suggest ways to foster a Board culture of empathy, curiosity, courage, collaboration and respect.
3. Ensure Board is Engaging in Appropriate Oversight
a. Help delineate the appropriate role of Board relative to operations and other school bodies;
b. Ensure that policies and practices are in place to meet all oversight
c. Propose best practices for identifying and gathering information needed to perform oversight;
d. Help Board establish a culture of cooperation and understanding with Leadership, Faculty and parents, informed by Waldorf practices.
4. Board Functioning & Accountability
a. Propose and develop evaluation mechanisms, and methods to monitor and foster improvement, for Board as a whole and Board members individually;
b. Establish a list of required Board policies and procedures, and begin creating same;
c. Consult with Board and stakeholders regarding priority policy and practices, and draft missing policy on a highest-need basis;
d. Create overall list and calendar of all recurring Board deliverables (e.g., AGM, Strategic Vision, AWSNA);
e. Draft tracking system to monitor progress for all Board deliverables, including progress towards strategic vision;
f. Propose Board and Committee best-practices including minute-taking, record-keeping, membership expectations, meeting protocols, intra-meeting communication practices, etc.;
g. Propose methods for building transparency such as posting meetings in online calendar; posting mandates and memberships; keeping Board membership lists current and accessible;
h. Identify any gaps in Board skills and expertise, and convey same to Nominations Committee;
i. Make recommendations to the Board regarding succession planning.



The Governance Committee is chartered by, and accountable to, the Waldorf Academy Board of


Committee Members:
Steve Taylor (Committee Chair & Board Member/Chair)
Garrett Kerr (Board Secretary)
Anoosha Reddy (Board Member)
Anna-Marie Castrodale (Board Member)
Larissa McWhinney (Parent)


Finance Committee:

Details pending …



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