A Year At Waldorf Academy

A Year At Waldorf Academy | Waldorf Academy | Toronto Private School Childcare

A Year At Waldorf Academy | Waldorf Academy | Toronto Private School Childcare

The Waldorf education is far different than what you’ll find in a local public school.

At our Toronto Waldorf Academy, kids are given the space to explore their environment; this means that our students grow into who they want to be, not who we think they should be.

To give you a little idea about how our school year is different from your average school, we thought we would talk to some of our teachers, parents, students and alumni to see what they have to say. Keep reading below.

Why Is Waldorf Unique?

The Waldorf education looks at child development in a very practical way, and makes sure that the curriculum matches where they are physically, emotionally and cognitively at each age.

Instead of forcing them to learn in the same way in each and every grade, we bring them subject matter experts that make sense with where they’re at intellectually, socially and emotionally.

As a result, Waldorf parents rarely hear their child complaining about being bored – instead, they grow up to be curious and interested in learning new things.

In our classrooms, you won’t find the teacher at the front of the class, necessarily – instead, you’ll find them in the background as the silent overseer in the room who is there to inspire and help whenever needed.

Our teachers provide a caring environment for their students, and are respectful of each individual’s space and needs,creating a safe space, where kids play and discover best.

A School And A Community

Waldorf schools are warm, supporting environments that are created in tandem with parents, and this is sustained by having parent festivals, events, and theatre productions that the whole school and their families attend.

The focus on creating community is very powerful, because the children feel loved and supported through this huge community, and that security allows them to exude confidence, a sense of awareness, and a comfort level in how they handle and carry themselves in the world.

We enhance the sense of community by keeping the same small class of students together throughout their entire day, so they know their classmates very well and care for each other strongly.

When our students leave Waldorf Academy, it’s with a very well-rounded education and sense of global citizenship; we help them develop themselves as human beings, caring about humanity and trying to be good people, first and foremost.

young children doing arts and crafts | Waldorf Academy | Toronto Private School Childcare

The Importance Of Storytelling

Incorporating storytelling into all areas of study is key to fully understand and absorb the meat of a topic – it’s for this reason we at Waldorf Academy start by engaging their hands with an experiential activity before we move into more intellectual aspects of learning.

For example, one grade 5 class is currently studying the art of Kung Fu. And when they studied India last year, the class practiced yoga every morning; this allows for artistic practice, including the body, breath and song.

When students start learning math, their teachers will often include movement – this helps them consolidate the math at a deeper level in the brain, improving retention.

When you don’t ask kids to learn in a rote manner, you force them to incorporate other modalities, which utilizes both the left side and the right side of the brain; using the entire brain to learn math helps develop connections in the brain between the two sides, which makes the brain more resilient.

The hallmark of a healthy brain is this idea of cognitive reserve: by stimulating the brain properly and in a way that helps build as many connections as possible in youth, you develop a buffer that isn’t affected as much by stress or adversity later in life.

Contact Waldorf Academy

If you feel like your children aren’t being challenged in their current school, or you feel they could benefit from a different learning methodology, we encourage you to come for a tour of Waldorf Academy and feel the community for yourself.

Call now to book an appointment, and let us show you, introduce you and demonstrate for you how profound and life-changing an environment like Waldorf’s can be.

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