Waldorf in the News

Waldorf in the News

Waldorf is among the fastest growing education movements in the world today. With over 2,500 Waldorf schools and many others either inspired by or using parts of the approach in their own programs, there is a lot of attention being paid to how this method works.

Latest news Update: Waldorf Education Featured on The Simpsons Season Finale   Longmont, CO,  May 20, 2015:  The Simpsons gave a well-crafted, comic shout out to Waldorf Education during their Season 26 finale for 2015 — “Mathlete’s Feat,” which aired on May 17th, 2015.

Waldorf-centric Plot Summary:   After a scathing math competition defeat, tech bigwigs take pity on Springfield Elementary and outfit the school with all the latest technology.  But Principal Skinner’s ineptitude leads to a server farm crash and the school loses all tech, which the students only used to watch Game of Thrones. This is when Lisa comes up with an idea that will save the school: “Learning while Doing.”  Springfield Elementary Becomes a Waldorf School!   From there the students learn by doing in tongue and cheek fashion — calculating the cubic feet of styrofoam to add to the Sloppy Joe mix, pouring pints of beer in fractions, wearing required sun hats and singing songs of acceptance, love and diversity. In the end, their new Waldorf education helps them win the mathlete rematch by transforming an M into 9 non-overlapping triangles.   The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America was pleased with the level of in-depth knowledge the Simpson writer’s clearly possessed about pedagogy and stereotypes associated with Waldorf Education, which made this fun caricature both lighthearted and flattering.

Simpson Writer Insight:   Math: Mathematics education is very advanced in Waldorf schools.  Math is revealed to students as a useful and real part of everyday life. Numbers, processes and then mathematical concepts are introduced through doing: counting and holding, paper folding, musical interval training, calculations to create rope and pulley systems are just a few examples of how math is taught in Waldorf schools.  We are not surprised that the Springfield Waldorf School could answer such a difficult final math equation to win the math competition. The challenge of drawing the 9 non-overlapping triangles mimics the lessons in form drawings taught in our curriculum; another intersection of math, art, and doing experienced in Waldorf Education.   Sun Hats, why of course! Waldorf students are prepared for all weather, at all times.  Why?  Because, unlike many of their non-Waldorf peers, they still play outdoors for recess 3-4 times a day and also have classes outdoors such as science, physical education and gardening.  Of course, hats for our adults are optional and they’re not required indoors.  Nor is tie dye a requirement.   Technology: In the episode, Marge reads a pamphlet which says, “Waldorf Education: When you have Given up on the Modern World.” Considering the popularity of Waldorf Education among the children of Silicon Valley tech executives, this is clearly not quite the case, but it had been a stereotype of the past. Waldorf Educators simply feel there are better ways, more hands on and complex ways to teach young children how to learn. Technology is introduced to secondary education children, which as Skinner notes in the episode is “Not our Problem.”   Textbooks: There are no textbooks in Waldorf education, it’s true.  But there are many, many books.  They are just not the ones provided to the state by textbook companies.  Instead our students are presented material by teachers from classics and mainstream books on relevant topics, where they then take notes and reflect on lessons while creating their own “Main Lesson” Books. These books become both catalogs and resources for learning.

Reflection:   We are honored to have been featured in such a positive light on this Simpsons Season Finale and are anxiously awaiting further information about which writers, perhaps Waldorf parents or alumni themselves, were involved in the episode’s creation.  As a thank you, and a responding shout out of sorts, our schools have been paying tribute to the Simpsons.  A collective of handmade hats is being created to send to the Simpson writers.  The Waldorf school of Philadelphia is having students create beeswax figures of Simpson characters to share online and with Simpson execs. And the São Paulo, Brazil Waldorf School has done an amazing rendition of the Simpson’s Theme Song, found here on YouTube, as a tribute to this mainstream recognition. All social media fun and folly can be tracked with #simpsonslovewaldorf.

Conclusion:   Do you have questions about this latest press coverage of Waldorf Education or about Waldorf Education in general?  Please contact Beverly Amico at the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America at: bamico@awsna.org


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