Waldorf Academy Facilities

Located in the shadow of Casa Loma and the heart of Toronto, Waldorf Academy is on a quiet, residential street surrounded by beauty. That home-like quality is reflected in the school where comfortable classrooms, front porches and sunshine-filled areas, give the visitor a sense that they are in a boisterous family home. While it might seem cozy and relaxed, Waldorf Academy skillfully utilizes its unique space to create a learning environment that powerfully supports the program.

Spanning two buildings, Waldorf Academy offers a Nursery, 3 Kindergartens, and classrooms for Grades 1-8, located in 250 Madison Ave. Here there is a gym, a woodworking room, a Eurythmy (movement) room, and outdoor play areas.

Close by at 263  Spadina Road, you’ll find our Childcare and Parent & Child Programs with a protected backyard play area. With easy access from all areas of Toronto and close to the Dupont Subway station, Waldorf Academy provides an ideal location for busy parents going to and from work.

Facilities 2
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