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Waldorf Academy Mayfair

May 6, 2017





Two Events:

Early Childhood Maypole:

Rain Plan: 12:00 – 3:00
Location: Waldorf Academy
– Maypole dance at 12:00
– Live music with Jesse Corrigan
– Potluck picnic
– Fairy wings mandatory!
maypole small

Gradeschool Mayfair:

12:00 to 3:30pm
Location 250 Madison
A community event for all ages!
– Make your own flower garland crown
– Scavenger hunt
– Tea room
– Face painting
– Outdoor Ball hockey
– Sidewalk chalk drawing
– Faculty vs. students tug of war
– May pole dance: 2:30pm (Gr. 4 student performance)
-Waldorf Academy Community Choir


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