Grade 5 end of Term 1 update to parents

I can not believe how quickly this term has flown by! The children have:

  • Begun junior choir with grade six and learned to play the alto recorder with Ms Hilts
  • Moved through elaborate forms and patterns in eurythmy with Ms Schneider
  • Continued mastering the four processes, rounding, place value, and fractions in math class with Ms Rosa
  • Practiced speaking and writing in French with lots of different vocabulary and basic, common sentence structures with Mme Kolarska
  • Knit the ribbing on their sock, turned the heel, and stitched up the toe with Ms Stevan or rasped, carved, and shaped a wooden spoon with Mr Gordon
    run trained for the Greek
  • Trained for the Greek Olympics, and played countless phys-ed games with Mr Singh
  • Learned about botany, ancient India, the wonder of numbers, and North American geography in their main lesson blocks with me, the class teacher
  • Through SCOPE, explored conifers and horsetails, deer tracks, tinder and kindling at PINE, participated in class circles and discussions around behaviour, character, and other conflicts, spent time with their kindergarten buddies, and enhanced their execution function alongside their budding intellect and great capacity
  • Canoed in the wilderness at Pine Crest, visited Hindu temples, sampled Indian food, experienced traditional yoga, and met up with the grade five Halton Waldorf School for a beautiful hike
  • Celebrated Michaelmas, the Terry Fox Run, Halloween, Day of the Dead, three birthdays, Diwali, and our winter light festival

Happy Holidays from Grade 5

Grade 5 Botany chalkboard drawing

Grade 5 Botany chalkboard drawing

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