Daniela has combined her love to create, to share her knowledge and to discover different cultures in the art of teaching young people second languages. Her life-path took her from the University of Sofia in Bulgaria, where she graduated in Master in Education, to the University of Toulouse II in France where she deepened her interest in how the language works. Her studies continued at the Laval University in Quebec where she delved in the practical aspect of teaching and learning second languages.

Parallel to her studies, Daniela has taught languages to small children, school aged students and adults for more than fifteen years. Her last two experiences are from Monroe, North Carolina, where she worked with Elementary and High school students and taught them Spanish and French as second languages; the latter from the Laurentian University in Sudbury where she lectured adults in developing their language performance in French.

This year, Daniela embarks in a new journey with Waldorf Academy: accompany every student in the development of her/his perception of diversity in cultures and languages. She discovered the Waldorf pedagogy through her parenting and is delighted to be part of Waldorf Academy together with her daughter. Presently in Foundation Studies, Daniela is looking forward to meeting the needs of the Waldorf community and to growing together.