Karanvir graduated from the Waldorf teacher training program at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in 2008, at which time he joined Waldorf Academy as the grade one class assistant. In November of 2007, Karanvir received his B.A. at OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario. Karanvir grew up in India on his grandparents’ farm and moved to Canada in 1988 with his parents. Growing up in Mississauga, he developed a great interest in visual arts, education, and sports. In his early education, Karanvir was part of a student core group selected to act as substitutes for high school teachers. He also coached hockey for six years with children ranging in age from four to twelve and is an avid hockey and soccer player. In 2009, Karanvir became the grade six class teacher, graduating them from middle school in 2012 in grade eight. In 2010, he also became the middle school art programme teacher. Karanvir recently graduated his grade eight students, the class of 2016, and is excited to serve the school as the Visual Art and Physical Education teacher for the upcoming school year.