Lesley has taught at Waldorf Academy since 2005, serving as the Grade 8 teacher for the 2013-2014 graduating class. Currently acting as the Practical Arts teacher for grades one through eight, Lesley assisted in the grade three class in 2008 and was the grade one assistant in 2009. She also assisted Deborah Marks in the grade two class, and Ena Bruce in her grade one class. Lesley holds a diploma in social work and a certificate in crisis intervention. In this capacity, she has worked primarily in therapeutic settings with children. Lesley designed and implemented the biodynamic gardening program at the Toronto Waldorf School over a three-year period and has worked with all the grades. She has studied the grade one to twelve biodynamic gardening program at Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, NY, based on Steiner’s pedagogical principles and was a member of the Toronto Waldorf School therapeutic circle.  Lesley is an artist and mother of three.