Gabriele Schneider, an alumni of the Waldorf school in Dresden Germany, made her way to Canada after High school and became a volunteer at Camphill Communities Ontario. Deciding that her path in life would be Eurythmy, she took up a four year full time training at the School of Eurythmy Spring Valley New York. Returning to Camphill in 2012, Gabriele started teaching music, movement and drama to adults with special needs and began building her professional Eurythmy work in the area. She is a member of the Northern Star Eurythmy Group, works with Eurythmists in Barrie, and shares her own artistic work with the community. In Camphill, she is part of the festival group, a leading role in the Christmas play productions, as well as holding the place of product development in the Weavery. In 2013 Gabriele received her BA in pedagogical Eurythmy from the Eurythmy School in Norway, and is recently enrolled at the Alanus University in Germany for a MA in artistic Eurythmy. Gabriele is filled with the dream of making Eurythmy visible. At Camphill, she holds annual summer Eurythmy weeks, workshops in the area, as well as directs her own Eurythmy wear business.